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Microfluidic structures and methods

Microfludics have become an established, critical component of lab-on-chip and micro-total-analysis systems. These techniques have been employed both academically and industrially for control and routing of small fluid volumes. 

I have worked on a variety of novel structures and systems for microfluidic networks. 
This includes the development microfludic check valves in conventional replication molding, as well as early work in 3D-printed microfluidic molds using wax-based rapid prototyping. I also worked on thermal control at the micron-scale, using embedded Peltier devices for solid-state heating and cooling of microfluidic channels and chambers.



Figure 1. Novel microfludic structures and methods referenced below, including one-way fluidic diode (A), 3D-printed 
wax valve mold (B), and micro-Peltier devices embedded in a microfluidic channel for solid-state heating and cooling (C). 

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